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Noida Greater Noida Greater Noida-West Noida Expressway Yamuna Expressway
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Pre Launched Residential Projects In Yamuna Expressway

Posted on Feb 01, 2016 by Admin

Everybody nowadays is looking for investment into the projects along the Yamuna Expressway. In any case, what precisely is Yamuna Expressway? Yamuna Expressway, Taj Expressway or call it Noida Greater Noida Expressway is a 6 lane (expandable to 8 lane) 165 km long road joining Delhi to Agra by means of Noida furthermore diminishing the travel time to Taj Mahal by 2-3 hours. Next to this, Yamuna Expressway is a perfect area for investment point of view as well. Numerous huge developers like Gaursons, Sikka, Prateek, ATS, Panchsheel and so on have their residential and commercial projects on this stretch. The developing enthusiasm of the purchasers/sellers/investors/renters has made the Expressway a hot spot in the Indian real estate market. There are few specific reasons that promotes these pre launched residential projects in Yamuna Expressway and inviting more people to invest in the area. Some of the reasons that are also responsible for the growth of the area are:

Price:The projects along the Yamuna Expressway are quite affordable to rest of its partners in Delhi, Gurgaon and Faridabad. For example purchasing plots or residential houses in projects such as Gaursons and ATS will give you more advantages and are additionally very reasonable.

Easy Accessibility: The openness of any residential or commercial venture assumes a crucial part in its prosperity. With respect to Yamuna Expressway plots, then likewise the speculators are in advantage. Joined with all real business and social hubs of Delhi-NCR, driving will never be an issue here.

Future Growth: Taking a gander at the present situation it is for sure that plots on Yamuna Expressway will profit more in the coming time as more projects come to its direction. More people from Delhi-NCR as well as from different parts of the nation will likewise approach for investment here.

F1 Track: Buddha International Circuit (F1 tracks) is the most recent expansion that will help in building up the enthusiasm of the foreign investors in the Yamuna Expressway plots. As the Grand Prix held here effectively got such a large number of raves from International celebrities, that it will open the entryways for future investors.

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